Please donate one item a day during Lent

9th February 2023

Over the 40 Days of Lent – from Ash Wednesday, 22 February to Maundy Thursday, 6 April – we are asking people to donate one item each day of food, toiletries and household products to the Foodbank to help others.

You can download our Foodbank AdLent Calendar.

The Foodbank supports individuals and families who are having to make hard and sometimes impossible choices to buy food, pay their rent/mortgage, energy bills, or other essentials.

Your donations can make a huge difference.

The items we are asking for each day on our Foodbank AdLent Calendar are:

22nd Strong carrier bags/Bags for Life
23rd Washing detergent
24th Bleach
25th Cooking oil
27th Children’s sweets
28th Instant noodles/instant pasta

1st Canned cold meat
2nd Tinned carrots
3rd Crisps
4th Mayonnaise
6th Deodorant
7th Sponge puddings
8th Cereal bars/snacks
9th Shaving foam
10th Hot chocolate
11th Brown sauce
13th Jam
14th Razors
15th Tinned potatoes
16th Long life milk
17th Shampoo
18th Sponge puddings
20th Pasta sauce
21st Fruit squash
22nd Washing-up liquid
23rd Fabric conditioner
24th Fruit juice
25th Anti-bacterial spray cleaner
27th Dog food
28th Snacks
29th Tomato ketchup
30th Soap
31st Toilet rolls

1st Cat food
3rd Tinned fruit
4th Canned tomatoes
5th Tinned vegetables
6th Marmite

Where can you drop off your donations?
1. At the Foodbank – Gospel Mission Hall, Tanners Street, Faversham. 5-6.30pm on Mondays and 12.30-4pm Wednesdays and Fridays.
2. At the Foodbank collection points in the Faversham branches of Aldi, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, and Tescos.
3. St Mary of Charity Church.

Thank you for anything you can donate. It means so much to local people who need a helping hand.

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