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Our foodbank relies on your goodwill and support.

Over 90% of the food distributed by foodbanks in The Trussell Trust network is donated by the public – that’s why your food donations are absolutely vital to our ability to give everyone referred to us a balanced and nutritious three day supply of food.

Our shopping list on the right shows the food items that we need right now.

Please do not donate baby milk we do not have any demand for it.

If you are happy to drop off food donations, please see the table below for our food collection points locations:

Location of food donation point     Opening hours Comments
Tesco Supermarket, Crescent Road During store open hours  Front of store past the checkouts in-store shoppers only
Sainsbury’s Supermarket, Bysingwood Road During store open hours Front of store between checkouts and exit
Morrison’s Supermarket, West Street During store open hours Look out for the Foodbank Grab bags as you enter then ask staff where to leave the donation
The Gospel Mission Church, Tanners Street 12.30 to 1.30 Wednesday & Fridays only To avoid problems with social distancing please do not entre the building leave your donation on the door step and ring the bell 
St Mary of Charity Church, Church Road When ever the Church is open A coloured Collection box is visible on  entering the Church
John High Opticians,    8 Market Street During open hours Collection box in store please ask staff
The Fleur-de-Lis Centre, Preston Street During shop open hours Shop Staff will be on hand to help you

NB Tesco  PCPs are intended for food that has been purchased in-store.  Any food that has been purchased in a different store and brought into the PCP store should be sealed by the donor and clearly labelled as having been purchased elsewhere.

We always welcome donations and promise to use them to provide help to people in crisis. Occasionally we send food to other nearby foodbanks to support their work particularly if they experience shortages. This ensures your donations go to help people wherever in the UK they are.

Please do not donate baby milk formula, we do not have a great demand for this item and to prevent it going out of date on our shelves we have a small fund available to buy it as its needed.

Please contact us if you have any  questions about donating food.

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